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May. 11th, 2015

angelkitty101: (Me at Bicon)
This weekend was the Miracle Day 2 con down in London. Following the hugely disappointing election result (I'm still processing), it was great to have something to take my mind off it. The journey down was fine. I managed to get everything I wanted, and the train had a luggage space - double huzzah!

I met up with Shar in Euston (thanks to lovely people helping me with the case and stairs), and we set off towards Heathrow. There was a surprise meeting up with Jooles and Sarah at the bus stop and we all went off to the hotel. Check in was relatively painless, except that they didn't have a twin room, so Rosie and I ended up in a king room with a put-me-up. The hotel was stupidly warm, and getting the room cool was the first thing. Then it was time for changing into evening finery and gathering everything together for the Opening Ceremony and Meet & Greet. I was too hot to wear my new fingerless gloves, so settled for my cuff instead.

Shenanigans Below - Long! )

I had a wonderful time, and I can't wait for next year. I'm hoping for Burn! And it appears that we didn't scare James off! Result!


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