angelkitty101: (Me at Bicon, Me at BiCon 2009, taken and made by the lovely Dancefloor)

Glamour first, glamour ALWAYS, no rollers in public, never be seen in flats!

and shoot on sight ANYTHING wearing beige!

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Birthdate:Jun 20
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Annual update ahoy-hoy

I am the Angelkitty, the bounciest red-head on the Brimingham goth scene, honorary jurasic, Glitter Queen of the Whole World, and a Fuss Hussy of the highest order! And no longer a Whitby virgin!

Chances are that you will know me from various events in and around the Midlands, or from UKC (my fabulous university), or the Lush forum, where I can be found spreading glitter and silliness throughout!

I am a happy, glittery, positive goffic girlie. I do not have tons of time for self-pitying silliness, and flouncing. No hand/staple/forehead here (well, not much, and not everyday!). NO EMOs at all.

I am passionate about the following things:- cats, Lush, good quality make-up, decent perfume, high heels, making the best of yourself, my family, my friends, my religion and my degree subject.

Friends Only I'm afraid, comment for me to add you!

Generally I don't add people under 18 unless I know you IRL

Also please be aware that I use filters etc, therefore very few ppl see all on my lj. Please do not pass comments that I have made on to others who may not be part of these filters. I have trusted you all enough to friend you, and I trust you enough to tell you very personal things. Please don't repeat them! Thanks


my pet!
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