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The last weekend of cons was the biggie - Miracle Day. Torchwood cons are notoriously riotous, and Miracle Day doubly so. Being the final one, it was always going to be an incredible (and exhausting) weekend, and it ended on a real high!

The weekend started in a slightly stressful way with me racing to the train station only to realise on the train that I a) had an extra 30 mins, and b) hadn't locked the front door! Fortunately Mumsie was able to wizz round after I put in a frantic call to her. And the extra time meant that I was able to finish off all of my wee errands in town, and met up with Quinn in New Street.

The journey down wasn't as bad as I'd feared and I collected a Spark at Euston and managed to meet up with Mel on the Kings Cross platform for the endless journey to Heathrow. Check in was quick and easy and I got a few hugs in before we headed into the labyrinth that is the Renaissance and getting ready for the Opening Ceremony.

All the big talks were set in what became known as the 'Room of Doom', the usual auto place, due to the move to the Ren after the kerfuffle at the Rad. The Opening Ceremony was the usual mix of excitement, and chaos. Mainly from Eve :-) with the new guests (the lovely humans from Class) realising that we hadn't been exaggerating about the con :-)

Then it was all upstairs for the M&G. Due to a couple of factors, people couldn't take their own booze into the room, so the Gillespians got resourceful. We had jelly babies and tupperware, and some of the most entertaining facial expressions I've ever seen! We were also one of the first tables to get a guest! That never happens! Lachlan came over and seemed to be taken aback by the amount of women at the con *blinks* , asking if we were single etc. He also declined the jelly babies *shakes head*

Eve loved the jelly babies, we chatted hair dye and she was amused by the monopoly that Jooles and Sarah had made, and cooed over Sarah in a frock and the amazing tattoo that Sarah has on her leg. After she left, we ended up having an indepth discussion which resulted in Laura saying 'Well, waste not, want not' which reduced us all to giggles.

The first of the Class guests, Vivian, was utterly lovely, and deliciously naughty. She made us all feel terribly old because she was only 20 *laughs* Naoko was blown away by the Torchwood Monopoly and insisted on getting photos of both what Jooles and Sarah had done and the actual box. It was lovely to see her again, and she's so fabulous to chat to. Fady (the other Class guest) seemed to be terribly overwhelmed by the whole thing, and this was only Friday night!

Gareth was our last guest, and he seemed to relax when he sat down. His words to his handler was 'It's ok, these are my friends', which was rather lovely, and apart from making me accidentally shower the table in rose lemonade (seriously, why is it always me??) Gareth was an absolute love. It is always rather super to see him, especially as he's the catalyst for all of us lot trotting about doing stuff up and down the country. Hell, Jooles, Sarah, Spark and I had seen him at the last 2 cons!!! *blinks* Gareth was also our last guest, so we weren't the last table - again, another first! 

Gareth and Eve also decided that there would be a screening of Exit Wounds over the weekend - we prepared the tissues!

Everyone wandered down to the party, I chatted to Hannah outside and then floated down. There wasn't really much of a party happening, so I chatted to a couple of others, then went back up to the room. Spark and Quinn had vanished off somewhere, so I was able to potter about on my own for a bit until a slightly squiffy Spark made it back to the room.

Sat was pretty calm, we all met up for breakfast and then down to the Room of Doom for the first talk. The Class guests were fabulous, and terribly sweet, and there was a good bit of q&a. Gareth & Lachlan had a nicely rude q&a, with much giggling, which was invaded by Eve. We learnt that Gareth has a cream for pretty much everything ;-) Then it was time for Eve and Naoko. Naoko had a fabulous noise making toy that she adored and used to great effect in the q&a.

Eve decided that she was going to read 'Go the Fuck to Sleep' to everyone after someone gave her a copy. I've never been held hostage by a woman aggressively reading a bedtime story to me before, so I can tick that off the list. Poor Sean Harry, he came to try and get her up to the auto room, but she wasn't having it. Spark has the pictures of him slowly losing the will to live as it goes on. Naoko and Gareth came down and I did think that Gareth was just going to pick her up and carry her off, but he simply sat next to her and went "Do you want to go for a cury tonight?". When she finished, he said "If you all leave, then the autos can start!"

This was the only time I wanted a low gold ticket number, there were two huge queues at the autos, Eve's and Lachlan's. Eventually they put Eve last in the hope to speed things up. I had actually lost my temper by the end and was muttering "FFS Myles, just sign and move on!" when she was up and dancing and running off etc. I had lovely autos with Gareth, Naoko, Lachlan, Vivian and Fady, but by the time I got to Eve, it was a sign and a move on *sigh* Be careful what you wish for.

We ate in the hotel, and refused to pay the 20% service charge - mainly cos the service is shocking! Then it was upstairs to get ready for our live action Cards Against Humanity (Torchwood edition). We ended up with 4 question people and 8 answers, which (when we finally got people to play) became hilarious. Shar and Laura were our collectors of people, and I don't think I will ever forget Laura yelling "Answers Assemble!"

Shar even managed to get Lachlan to play! And he was thrilled that he came out with something that briefly silenced her :-) He and Eve spent most of the night dancing, the boy has moves!

Shar and Mel had started filling in the timetable in the basement, and were most amused that it kept filling up throughout the weekend. However their greatest moment was putting a bin in the lift. The two of them are such mischief makers!

Spark hadn't slept well on Friday, so she went to bed early, whilst I bounced around and did a bit of dancing. I eventually went up at 2ish and sadly she was still awake. She really didn't sleep at all on Sat night, which wasn't great as we had photo ops on Sunday. Mine looks great if I remove my head. Eve was most complimentary of my corset (it's a fabulous corset tho) and it was stupidly comfortable, so I wore it for quite a while.

Oooh that reminds me, I not only got Jooles into her corset on Sun (which takes at least 2 people), but I was tightening her on Sat by the lifts, and said to Spark "Look at Jooles' boobs and tell me if they are ok", we didn't notice Fady until he walked past and said "They're amazing!" *laughs*

Sunday instead of panels we ended up watching Exit Wounds, which we all sobbed through, not helped by Eve sobbing into the microphone and Naoko going "You're setting me off Myles". There were several hilarious bits around Barrowman's acting, with Eve demanding bits were replayed, and doing a great impression of Jack being shot by machine guns with the words "That's classical acting right there"

After we all mopped ourselves up, Eve asked for another episode, and then asked for suggestions - which I won with Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (mainly for the comment "It's where you are cuffed to James"). It was lovely to watch KKBB again, with Eve going "James Marsters everyone!" and Gareth having a moment during the orgy bit :-) Eve talked afterwards about James' acting and how good it is, and how he should be in more things etc *waggles eyebrows*. She also kept saying "I'm going to phone him" until she remembered the time difference *laughs*

After the episodes, Eve had to leave and she got very emotional over it being the last con etc. She's an utter love, and I hope to see her at future SF cons. Sean is planning to run a multi-Whoniverse con which has the potential to be awesome.

We then watched the first episode of Class, which is excellent and the DVD has been added to my Amazon list. And then it was the Closing Ceremony. Sean gave a fabulous talk about how these weekend cons were about building communities and seeing that you aren't alone. It all got a tad emotional again, and the tissues came out.

We all went off to the Pheasant for tea, which was excellent. Superb service, incredible food and we all had a super time. Spark had actually managed to sleep, so was feeling a bit better, but by the time we made it back to the hotel, both of us were flagging. I stupidly lay down on the bed and realised I couldn't do a third night of partying.

It did mean that we were able to make breakfast on Monday, and say goodbye to everyone, which we utterly failed to do at MD3, so I was pleased about that. Then it was back to Euston (where Quinn missed his train) and then home - in London Midland 1st Class (it's not all that). Annoyingly I managed to tangle an earring into all my bags on the way to Moor Street and ripped it out, which cut my ear :-( But past me had booked today off work, so I've been able to catch up with everything. I like past me!
 And so that's it for Torchwood cons for the time being. We just have to see what Sean Harry comes up with going forwards!
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