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This weekend it was the second of the three cons in a row - Wales Comic Con, quite possibly one of my favourite cons in the UK. Typically I ended up leaving the house late and not having as much time as I wanted to do things in town - but I caught my train to Wrexham without any issues and got to the Premier Inn shortly after Spark arrived.

Check in was as smooth as ever and we had time to chill out until Jooles and Sarah arrived. Little did we know that the wonders of modern technology had failed us and texts and WhatsApps weren't being sent, so whilst Sarah is merrily letting us know that she and Jooles weren't far away, Spark and I were staring at our phones and getting more confused. In the end we went to Pizza Hut about 5 mins before they arrived.

We had excellent service in Pizza Hut, I took Jooles and Sarah's order over the phone and the wonderful manager worked out what would be the best deal for us. Sadly the person who had placed the ingredient order had forgotten that it was Comic Con that weekend, so they were out of mushrooms and spinach, I had to substitute for ham :-( I don't really eat pizza, I joke that it's my annual pizza, but it's not far off :-) At least they had garlic bread! 

We collected Jooles and Sarah back at the hotel and chilled out in our room watching BBC4's Depeche Mode night and wittering about the upcoming cons. It was a lovely relaxing start to the weekend.

One of the main reasons for going VIP at WCC is the lack of queuing. We all calmly walked over to the uni at about 09:50 and walked straight in, collected lanyards and headed over to the main sports hall to sort out where the guests were. We decided to go for TJ first as he was hugely popular and we wanted the minimum time in a queue. Whilst we were waiting, Emma Caulfield came down and started signing. Suddenly her price sign came down and went back up - £10 dearer!! We were all less than impressed and three of us (Spark wasn't planning to get her auto) decided not to get her auto. Nicky's sign also came down, and it was with a sinking feeling I realised that his auto was likely to go up too.

Jooles and Sarah had got David Prowse's auto before joining us in TJ's queue and his photo was incredible. Half Darth Vader, half David. I decided that if Nicky's price did go up, I'd get David's instead. I was also worrying that TJ was going to put his price up too! TJ eventually arrived and his line began to move - very slowly. He moved his table so that he could stand at the end, and the first thing he did when he saw you was give you a huge hug and say "Hi, thank you for coming, I'm so sorry I was late". He complimented my hair, my eyeshadow and wrote an absolutely lovely auto for me. Then he asked if I wanted a selfie, which completely took me by surprise. He said that everyone was a little stunned by it, but as attendees we're not used to the guests being so pleased to see us! He also gave everyone a wee bag filled with a picture from Bones, a teeny magnifying glass, a business card and a wee plastic bug (I got a caterpillar). I was told later that he'd started to run out and had zoomed back to the hotel for more bags (he'd been putting them together on the plane!!) because he couldn't let people go without one. He is an utter dream as a guest, and I really hope he makes it to another con.

By the time I'd had my TJ auto, Nicky had arrived and predictably his price went up. I was miffed, but decided not to have an auto this time. I don't have too much of an issue with guests increasing prices (Lita and Lou Ferringo also did it), but I dislike it being done AFTER people have started to get their autos *cross face*. I do wonder whether Emma got her conversion rates wrong, regardless it left a bit of a bad taste.

I decided to go and get my Alex Vlahos auto as I'd noticed that there weren't as many Philippe pics as there were Mordred ones. I didn't watch Merlin (it made me shouty), but I adored Versailles, so I was looking forward to meeting him. The queue for the Merlin guys was made very lovely by the sight of Tom Hopper's arms (according to Jooles, he had sleeveless armour - totally impractical but they are magnificent arms). Alex himself was utterly charming. I wittered at him about Versailles, how much I had enjoyed it and how thrilled I was that there was a second series, at which point he told me that there was a third that he was due to start filming in three weeks in Paris.

I also talked about how wonderful it was that Philippe was a historically accurate queer character which the production hadn't tried to straight-wash at all. It was when I said 'historically accurate' that Alex went "Have we met before? What's your surname?", apparently what I said sounded very familar. For the record, we haven't met, and now I'm wondering whether he's read my tweets! He's fabulous on the Twitter too - just adorable! Spark got some really lovely shots of us chatting at the table, and suddenly Alex looked right at her :-) He said he had a sense for cameras *laughs*

After that, we stopped at the Fudge Man for a splendid chocolate brownie and then headed over to the photo shoots for our TJ photos. Another perk of VIP is the 2 photo shoots that are included, I used mine for TJ and got a lovely cuddle. He was in a special 'Bones' hockey shirt and was just lovely with people. I'd also paid for a Nicky photo, and was planning to replicate my 'from behind' hug that I'd had in Belgium. I did get a lovely hug and an unexpected interaction with what became the worst assistance dog I've seen. Basically a very badly behaved 8 month old labrador who pulled his owner everywhere and was also terrified of men - poor thing :-(

After the photoshoot, Spark and I popped into the new merch tent and I splashed out on two fabulous necklaces, a Spike quote (Blimey, shagging, bollocks, I'm English) and a Giles quote (You have all the emotional maturity of a blueberry scone), then we both realised that we hadn't really eaten and met up with Jooles and Sarah for lunch, which we followed with the Buffy talk. Nicky and Emma were in fine fooling in the Buffy talk, but for those who were expecting Xander and Anya, they were bound to be disappointed. Nicky also swears, a lot, although he was an absolute love with the wee girl that he called onto the stage. The poor moderator tho, every time they went off on their own ramble, he was going "Another question? Please!!!!"

I did another sweep of the merch tent after the talk, got a couple of little presents for people and gazed at the artwork again. I love con artwork, it's usually such high quality and the artist is actually there so you get to have a wee chat about it, and are able to compliment them personally. I'd seen a Kaneda print last year that I'd thought about for ages and I was thrilled to see that he was back again. I decided to think about it overnight and make a decision in the morning.

By this point, we'd all done our photos, autos and Jooles had had enough of wandering about on crutches so we wandered back to the hotel, with Sarah and Spark going on to the Pokestop at the train station. The fabulous Laura joined us for tea and we were sat up in a booth (as usual), although this time we were slightly less raucous!

Sunday we met up with Sarah as Jooles had come down with lurgy and headed over to the con for 10 again. Our timing was perfect as we just waltzed in yet again :-) I got a bacon bap from one of the food stands as I was starving and we queued for TJ again for Sarah (who had to stop herself from going "I love you"). I got to chat to Hannah and briefly to Bunny as she flew past. I went back to the merch tent and bought another necklace (Jabberwocky) and the Kaneda print which I had framed. I'm thrilled with it and it's next to my L picture from Glasgow.

I decided to use my second photo op to have a Buffy duo. MISTAKE! I broke my own rule of being photographed with actresses. And I look like a whale! I've put all the photo ops away until I can deal with them, but it was an utter mistake. I should know better. I overthought it WAY too much too. Gah! I did have a nice photo op with Alex on Sunday. He was very surprised with my "Do you do hugs?" question, then mimed how people walk towards him with their arms out. Most guests do get surprised when you ask, they aren't used to it! I will definitely meet Alex again if he's at a thing I'm at, he was super, and I'm following him on the Twitter too :-)

I have to say that the photos went like a dream this time, I was usually given my photo as I left the room - super speedy. It's been the sticking point for a while and Jaime has taken all the criticism on board and made it better every time. I'm so impressed with him.

Sunday evening saw us having another fabulous meal in the hotel and laughing like drains over very very silly jokes. I'll never look at bacon in the same way, or the word 'Wom' *giggles*

Monday was our pack up and go home day, which is always sad after WCC. Fortunately we have Miracle Day this coming weekend, thank goodness that's the last one, if we'd started with that, we'd be in far worse shape!

Monday was also the day that the tickets for the Jeffree Starr and Manny MUA meet and greet became available. Predictably the site crashed within a minute of them being released. Then a queuing system started. Both Spark and I had places in the queue and it just became a waiting game which Spark won :-) So I now have a ticket to see Jeffree and Manny in London the week after next :-) I'm super thrilled and OMG the amount of whining on the internets from people who didn't get tickets! Jeez!

And now I have 3 days until I'm off again. I'm really looking forward to MD, here's hoping we make the final one go with a bang! 
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