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Friday saw me on the way to Newcastle with my trusy wee case. The journey was pretty uneventful. I got to see the twisted spire at Chesterfield and had a bit of a moment when we got to Darlington, as the last time I was there I met up with God and Angus :-) Finding the hotel was relatively simple, but I managed to clout my heel with my case and the tip came off, so that was annoying (and meant I was totally focussed on superglue for the evening!). Also there are many hills in Newcastle, and ALL the wind! :-)
Rosie and I arrived at the hotel at the same time, and we ended up in a row with Fari and Lou :-) I changed shoes and unpacked a bit (missing the space from the Future Inn), and we went out to dinner. I aquired superglue (cue relaxing Jules), and we had a lovely wander around bits of Newcastle before having a delicious meal in a lovely Italian (seafood pasta - totes teh nom), which was so dark we had to have a torch to read the menu! Came back to the hotel and Rosie and I glued the heel back on (and nearly got stuck to the carpet - ahem), then relaxed with Rhiann and Lizzie until we realised the time!

Sat we were up bright and early, got ready and Rosie ran down to get breakfast before realising that her boots were going to be difficult. There was a tiny bit of 'Oh for gods sake!' as she was lacing and they were breaking. I fully embraced my commitment to sparkle motion with Voss glitter :-) It didn't take long in the queue, and we were able to get really low VQ numbers for James (who typically wasn't there). I went off to see if I could find a cloakroom, and as I went past a Funko stall, I saw they had the Chase (Game Face/Grr) Spike. Cue instant stopping and purchasing (it was lucky I did, they'd sold out by midday). Sadly there was no cloak room, but I was able to get back and join the queue for James's auto.

James was spending loads of time talking to people, which was super. And it meant that I got chance to chat to Mark who recognised me from VB. It is probably flamp cos Mark is nice to everyone, but it still gives one a warm glow. James was lovely as always, panicking over signing my Grr Spike, and very tickled with the Kinder Eggs (total contraband in the US, apparently the children eat the toy *rolls eyes*). We talked a bit about his latest project with Eddie Izzard, with me going 'How cool is Eddie, seriously!' and James trying to convince me that Eddie is awful *giggles*. He said that Eddie wore boy clothes for the first cast meal, and then girl clothes for the second. James 'I don't swing that way, but damn he's gorgeous!' with me enthusiastically agreeing! Oh and James will not be wearing a hat (his head is too large *phnarr*)

Went into Eve's talk which was fabulous and filthy. I was a brave human and asked a question 'Given that you've worked with James and Tony Head, are you planning to go through all the men of the Buffy cast?' 'The answer was an emphatic 'YES!' *giggles* Eve told us the story of what Barrowman did with the Eye in Random Shoes, and aplogised to the child in the audience :-) In short, she was delightful :-) I had an auto with her afterwards and opened with 'I owe you wine!', which she was most pleased with. It's as a thank you for getting James to MD2 :-) I also asked if they could crash the panels like last year, her face went all impish and she said 'Can you imagine.....' followed by 'Yes!' and laughing! I am SO looking forward to MD2 now. Eve is wonderful *wants to bring her to Whitby*

James's talk was really good. I had an ok seat (except I kept getting distracted) and there wasn't anything new in the questions, other than James giving Rosie a namecheck as the person that knew all about his filming :-) A guy ended up asking a really rambly question (which wasn't a question), Mark caught my eye as I looked down and mouthed 'Cut' with the appropriate action :-) There's always one! The photo ops were standard UK ones, no hugs, and David Bowie playing (which actually gets people through the line faster).

I turned into a bit of a princessa for the photo ops as I was trying to get my corset on, so all my stuff ended out being shared among everyone. I ended up trying to sort the corset whilst striding down the line yelling 'Next!' to get people to pass me stuff. Total diva behaviour *blush*. I had another attack of it when I realised that the sore throat and headache wasn't the start of a cold, but the dropping of blood sugar due to lack of food (it can be hard to separate James-shakes from you-haven't-eaten-since-8am-shakes). Goth stomping through the venue and slamming open the door was a bit dramatic really, but it made people move, so was worth it in the end.

We did get very excited for The Coat photo op. We were loitering (or hanging about) with intent to queue for a while, when the crew member told us we could go off and have fun, I responded with 'We're British, this is fun!'. The coat was fabulous, definately wool, and a lot darker than I thought it was going to be. My one decent pic of the weekend was my last one with The Coat *thrilled*

We did the obligatory post-con Wetherspoons in a gorgeous building not far from the station. Plus it was the only place we could get a table for 7. Had great fun chatting to Fari and Spark, and it was really nice apart from the dicks that decided to attempt to intimidate Rhiann and Lizzie. Morons! Fortunately people moved and we were able to relocate. Then the dicks were asked to leave. HA!

Sunday was more of the same, except we were told in the entry queue that James would only be signing till 12, which meant we went in and ran to the James queue (yes, I ran). James was tired (Mark said they hadn't slept well, he'd woken at 3am to find James had been awake since 1!), but still gave everyone tons of attention. I got hopelessly tangled up in Stuff (I'd been talking to Mark again!), so everything ended up the wrong way round (and he mis-spelt my name).

Sunday had a much more relaxed feel to it, we all took it much easier and were far more chilled. Lizzie had a bit of a GDL moment, so I marched her over there for her auto. He's looking damn good atm, obviously theatre work agrees with him. He walked past us a couple of times when we were chilling in the seats and gave us a wee wave *giggles*. Sadly his talk was cancelled so I have to wait till MD2.

James's second talk was much better. I was in a better seat and James was relaxed and in fine fooling. He was asking where you could get The Dresden Files in the UK, and I said Audible and Amazon which he then repeated word for word *giggles*. He also recited part of Caliban's speech (Be not afeared, the isle is full of voices) which had us all in swoon mode, and was later very amused by my nodding dog reaction to boy kissing *grins*.

We left after the final photos, I collected my luggage from Rosie's car, and we met up for late lunch (lupper?) until we all had to go home. Lots of putting the world to rights and laughing until we couldn't speak. In many ways those are the best bits of cons.

On the train home, I was struck by the realisation that I have so many amazing friends, and how wonderful they are and how lucky I am that they have come into my life. Bit of a soppy note to end on, but that's what happens when you are on a train going through some lovely parts of the UK as the sun sets into glorious reds.
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