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Last weekend I set off on a Northern Adventure. I had a stress free arrival in Brum, realised I'd forgotten my wee pressie for His Nibs whilst getting travelling snacks in Tescos (and yes, I did have a 'Could I get home and back in time to catch the train?' thought. The answer was 'No!'), and managed to get onto the Glasgow train with no hassles.

The seat reservations weren't working, but I decided not to tell [livejournal.com profile] sparky_uk as there was nothing she could do, and it would only worry her. This turned out to be the right descision as she had had a hugely stressful morning! She joined the train at Preston, and I calmed her down as we headed over the Lake District (which always makes me think of Lin). We chatted and giggled all the way to Glasgow and arranged to meet the fabulous Leanne on arrival. Both of us were STUPIDLY excited to get Scottish money out of the atm (which Leanne found hilarious), and we then headed to the Spoons for a necessary lunch and chatting.

We parted ways at about 3ish, and grabbed a taxi over to the hotel. The weather was utterly pants, and the traffic was pretty heavy but we got to the hotel without too many issues (with Spark playing Pokemon on the way). Nicole was checking in when we arrived, and it was utterly lovely to see her, there were hugs and chatting and collection of room keys and then a lift with very quick doors which decided 4 people plus luggage was too much for it to cope with *tuts*.

Our room was lovely, and HUGE! It did get a tad warm at times, but we were able to open the windows which helped (except for noisy people, and smokers :-) ). We still made it look like an explosion in a black clothing store and I took over the bathroom and the wee desk with my skin care and make-up as usual *ahem* We freshened up, I put on proper make-up as opposed to travel make-up and we headed out to Spoons to meet up with everyone.

Spoons was fab. Rosie told us all about showjumping and when Nick Skelton appeared went 'See, 58 yr old men!' :-) We all squeed over the awesome that is Usain Bolt, took photos, and planned Saturday (as much as you can plan these things). Spark and I got a drink from the hotel to take back up to the room when we got back and then it was all preparing con bags and alarms.

Saturday seemingly promised better weather. I decided to go for a GOTR tee and jeans not being sure of the amount of walking and was already getting nervous, not just cos of the con, but because the fabulous [livejournal.com profile] random_redhead was going to be coming and this was her first experience of cons. I just wanted her to enjoy it. The weather decided to hold off on the rain until we were walking to the venue (thanks weather), and we found out that Nicole's helium stormtrooper had decided to get legless in the night, literally, so she hadn't bought him with her.

The queue didn't take long to go down at all, and we were soon inside. It was a nice compact venue with loads of seating (I do appreciate decent seating) and the scariest stairs ever - no hand rail which freaks me out. We found out where the guests were going to be, and got what we thought were the VQs for James, only to find out there were for Sean Astin, cue us all joining the queue again to get the magic pink raffle tickets :)

The upper area was like a greenhouse, and I'd got a ping that Jen had arrived, so Spark and I headed to the balcony bit to see if we could spot her. We ended up being joined by everyone else and then Jen arrived and there was much squeeing and bouncing and elbows elbows! It was great to introduce Jen to everyone, and whilst this was happening a very familiar voice suddenly said "I need you to move along" and there was Mark with his bucket of coffee giving us hugs. I was more excited about introducing Jen to Mark than I was about her meeting James, so it was lovely that we had a few minutes to do that :-)

We left it a few moments before popping our heads round to see how James' queue was going - only to find he'd been moved to the other side of the signing area! There was a mild panic, but we all queued up and tried not to expire in the greenhouse :-) Jen and I both had our fans going, more so for Jen as she'd decided to cosplay as Merida and was doing an excellent job (so much so she got her photo taken at least once). I chatted to James about the Olympics and what an idiot Ryan Locktie is with James assuring me that not every American is a twat (which I of course already know *grin*). I asked Jen to do a twirl to show James how awesome her hair is, and got to introduce James as 'Sullivan's Dad' *sporfle*

As we came away, Jen said 'I get what it is, it's not about the auto, it's the interaction'. I was so SO happy. Jen, Spark and I chose to have a wander around the stalls before the mass influx of humans. I was looking for Cherry Loco, which I found towards the back of the venue. I was delighted with her jewelry and we all bought something. I even managed to do some Christmas shopping! Canvas Warriors were also there so I was able to get a new leather bracelet after my old one died. The main thing I liked was the variety of stalls, it wasn't all Pops. There were some fantastic artists, and a lot of little jewelry makers. It made for some lovely variety. I fell in love with a shadow box of L from Death Note and promised myself I'd get it if it was still there on Sunday.

After fanning a very hot Predator (who had something that made the noise), and complementing a fabulous Silent Bob who didn't break character, it was time for James' talk. There wasn't anything staggeringly new, we were given A3 sized pics of James (early Buffy promo shot that I generally avoid) - cos that is totally what you want when you have nowhere to put it!! I got some nice shots of The Boy and it was good having a 45 minute talk for once.

One of the great things about having a con in a shopping centre is that you have many food options. We ended up in Five Guys, all at different tables, but were able to have a nice relax before going back for photo ops. Jen was able to watch the photo ops from the side, and Spark and I ended up chatting to a fabulous couple in the queue. I quite liked my first op, so that made me feel positive about The Coat op. Whilst queuing for The Coat op, the fabulous Kev joined us, and there was time for hugs and chatting before we were back for photos. Sadly none of my other ops worked out. I need to get better at that.

We left after the photos, I needed to have all the time to get ready. As it was I was still the last down for a taxi, and ours was so late my stress levels shot through the roof. Not the best start. We got to the venue well on time and met up with everyone but Rosie, Dee Dee and Katrin downstairs. I was still mega stressed, so rather than wait for the lift, I walked up the stairs which really helped. And I got to see several lovely statements from Charles Rennie McIntosh. At the top of the stairs not only did we see Nicole's massive stormtrooper, but we also got to meet up with everyone else and Rosie introduced us all to Lesley - a new human who seemed a little overawed. And I finally got to meet Theresa - who is gorgeous and awesome and an absolute delight to be with.

We all chatted, had a look outside at the random elephant, blew up ballons (there's an introduction for Lesley - here's people you've never met before, now let's all blow up balloons!) and generally got comfortable. James suddenly appeared followed by Mark who gave me a hug and said 'I'm so glad you're here' then disappeared :-) Daft boy. James kicked everything off and urged us to sit on two tables to maximise the time they could spend with us. He then went off to get food. The food was excellent, loads of choice and it was delicious. I had chicken chasseur and new potatoes - all the noms. As we all settled down, we noticed that Theresa was sat on her own, which we weren't having, so we made room and she joined us (although she may have wished that she didn't *laughs*)

Eventually Mark joined us after playing with the laptops, and we chatted about childhood tv shows, with Spark terrifying everyone with pics of NoseyBonk (seriously, Google it and then realise why kids in the 80s had nightmares!), we chatted to him about Mr Ben and he and Lou talked about Sparky the Battery Boy (again - freaky tv show for kids). Mark said that it felt like Thanksgiving with all of us sat round eating, and we talked nicknames as he and Spark share one :-)

Then the boys swapped over and we got a James. We ended up talking about feminism, misogyny in music and about his kids. So y'know, light subjects. He was saying how well Sullivan was doing, and told us how Brittany had shelved engineering due to the amount of sexism she'd encountered and was now doing Pure Maths (all kudos to her, that is fiendishly hard). He also said how her boyfriend had turned out to be a tool as well :-/ Which led to the weirdest question I've ever heard, someone on our table asked 'Is is weird to see your daughter with another man?' which made me double take a lot (and made His Nibs pause a bit). I'm hoping it was just bad phrasing - cos that's hella weird! James said that he had had The Talk with both of his kids (I know you're gonna have sex, here are condoms) and neither of them were looking at starting families any time soon *laughs*

Then it was time for dessert and Vidiots (after nearly knocking James backwards through the french windows - damn I'm classy). Vidiots is fabulous! It was like watching my brother play games with his mates. I really enjoyed it, especially the part with Eve. That should become a regular thing, all the ways they try to ask Eve to play with them *phnarr*. And then afterwards we got to critique and offer suggestions. I asked for a wee synopsis of the games, cos I know Doom but had no idea of Reso-gun. I think we all put forward good points and suggestions.  The final thing was singing to the birthday boy (again) and him making a wish. Several people asked him for his wish but madam over here said 'NO! You must never tell a wish or it won't come true!' to which James nodded and agreed. Then it was back to taxi faffery and hotel, where Spark and I attempted to sleep but our brains wouldn't let us!

Sunday was more of the same. Meeting Jen, chatting with Mark in the auto queue - his phone had died so he missed his call and was surviving on coffee only. Had a nice chat with James about Vidiots and how private and sober Eve is *HA*, then it was off to peruse the stalls some more. I bought the L picture (it is stunning and I'm so pleased I have it) and then we decided on lunch. We went to the Filling Station which had a fabulous menu, interesting drinks and a really cute waiter (he was lovely). Part way through I noticed Sean Austin in the corner and then we ended up with Ray Park sat next to us. Sadly he was disturbed throughout his lunch by people asking for selfies etc. *sighs* It's not like it was an expensive con to get into :-(

The only downside to the con was having all of James' photos in the afternoon. I had seriously had enough of humans by the time they rolled around on Sunday. The bright spot was Mark coming over after I went 'Pssst, PSST!!' at him *giggles* well that and Spark getting the photo op she wanted, which I honestly thought wouldn't happen. In fact, I was so stunned that I left the photo room and had to run back. As the dude in the photo ops said 'Classy!'

After the photo ops, it was time to say goodbye to Jen (Whitby is only 2 months away), and then it was back to the hotel and Spoons for a final tea. I had seriously run out of cope after eating so Spark and I went back to the hotel and watched the Olympics until we were falling asleep. Somehow I managed to fit most things in my case and get it closed before leaving on the Monday, when we had the lovliest taxi driver which rounded the trip off nicely. Then it was train and home.

I love both Glasgow and Edinburgh and I should visit them more. Once I know where I am with New Job, I'll see what I can do.

And now I've going to London tomorrow with Mumsie to take her to the V&A, so I'd better go and get some sleep!

Date: 2016-08-27 06:57 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] deborahw37.livejournal.com
Great account as usual! I know what you mean by having had enough of humans by a certain point, I call it being" peopled out"

Sounds like it was a really good event.


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