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This weekend was Vampire Ball 5, and I had been looking forward to it for ages. I had a huge countdown going at work, and was basically hell to be around on Thursday. Weirdly, having the con at the Hilton really relaxed me, and I managed to get everything done on Friday before packing and heading off to the Hilton. And the case WAS lighter than BiCon :-)

Btw, this gets long, really long!

Got to the Hilton to find that [livejournal.com profile] wrigglerosie was stuck on the motorway, the queue to check in was mahoosive and I found the gorgeous Spark in the aforementioned queue. The photo ops were open, so I was able to get those and hover around the lobby until Rosie and I worked out what to do for the best. I checked in and ditched the case :-)

I met up with Erykah, Nicky, Fari, Dee Dee and Jill in the bar, and when Rosie arrived, we went up to the room to get changed for the Opening Ceremony and the Meet & Greet. After much faff on my part I decided on my Spin Doctor top (which gives me a lot of front), and a Necessary Evil bolero (that leeched colour all over me!!). All the guests looked fabulous and were super-fabby, Emma is stunning, and had THE BEST shoes. And OMG! her hair!

James looked so relaxed, he'd had 13 hours sleep and a bath (massive water shortage in Cali). Just as he said 'Don't grab my ass', George Hertzberg ran out and did so. James spun round and said 'George, get back out here, I'm going to break your fucking hand!'. George came out, looking VERY sheepish, and apologised. They shook hands and James turned back to us and went 'Rosie KNOWS how much trouble George is in' and we all nodded furiously. Then he said 'I'll see you all in a bit for the Q&A' and Rosie and I went 'OMG! Is he doing the M&G??'

Turns out he was!!! Cue muchos muchos excitement, and me panicking that I had the wrong top, and why didn't I have anything to eat, and is it warm in here and OMG! OMG! OMG! All of the guests were super, Jeff was witty and sharp and wanted to know how to get his wife to try a corset. George was terribly apologetic about earlier and warned us that Jonathan was 'handsy' :-). Emma was bright and bouncy and I told her about the Custard Factory. Dayne was a sweetie, but a little distracted, and his partner (not 'friend' SF minion) was fabulous! Mark (James' friend) popped over and we talked Spitfires, and I introduced him to Jaffa Cakes. Then we had James :-)

First thing he says 'I got a cold when I came back from Hawaii was to get a cold, and I was convinced I had Ebola', Rosie told him that was the worst case of man-flu ever! I then started to tell him about the Doctor Who thing, and Jill started to talk over me, so I turned to her and said 'Look, I've already had my thunder stolen over this, so I'm inclined to get bitchy!', at which point James laughed. It was great to explain the context and what actually led to the flash of Captain John on Who. Then I told him that if he got the chance, he should really visit the library, mainly for the Shakespeare room.

Eventually we got Jonathan, who scattered the table with M&Ms and spent most of the time chatting to Jill. Then it was late and I popped into the party for a random boogie. Then I declared an 'early night' and Rosie and I sat up talking till 2!!

Saturday was the first of the photoshoots, and I had my outfit planned. I looked A-MAZING! The corset totally worked (and was stupidly comfortable), James told me I looked fabulous, and I did a pose and sang 'I KNOW!', which made him giggle. Sadly my photos from Sat were below par (ALL my fault - which makes me even more cross), and that cast a downer over me for a while.

I caught Emma's Q&A, the collective gasp when she said she hadn't seen Who was hilarious (and Rosie and I could see James giggling behind the screen), and she's really sharp. She wants to be a female Walter White type character (her common comment 'Why isn't the a female Walter White character? Oh yes, cos women can't lead shows').

James and George's Q&A was very good. At one point Rosie went off to ask a question and left me with her camera. James & George were talking CGI, James said 'It was like Android CGI' - meaning crap, I popped out from behind the camera and went 'Oi!' He stuck his tongue out, I retailiated and he said 'Awww, I promise I'll make it up to you later' and did faux puppy eyes. *blinks* Oh My!

Once the Q&A had finished, it was off to autos. James had pulled the 'Torchwood shows that gay people can be heros', so it gave me an opening to address it. I did have a wibble tho, but after I'd given him the Lego Shakespeare (which he started playing with), I told him that there are no gay characters in TW, they are bi, and it's an important distinction because there is next to no representation for bisexuals on tv. Then I told him what the Constantine show runner said (the 'Maybe we could address it in 20 years') and James went 'What!', so hopefully I've done something there *hopes*.

I wore my BiCon outfit for the Sat night, and had a wonderful time in it. There is something about that outfit that makes me feel sensational. I danced with Fari, and Spark. Spark and I discovered that we'd read the same fanfic (Angel/Spike/Tommy) and ADORED it. We kept quoting favourite bits to each other :-) I got to chat to Bunny and then as more people from other cons in the hotel were trying to crash the party, I decided it was time for me to turn into a pumpkin and leave. So Rosie and I stayed up till 2 chatting again!

Sunday I bought more photo ops, determined to sort out the issues from Sat. Spark mentioned a pose she'd asked for, I asked if I could adopt it, and she was fine with it. That's the photo that came out A-MAZINGLY! So that's definately worth remembering :-) I also know what I want to change for next time, which is great!

The Sunday Q&As were fabulously chilled. Dayne put Jonathan into full vamp face, with Jonathan being as distracting as possible :-) Jeff and George made me laugh so much in their hour that my face hurt. Apparently the difference between Americans and Europeans is socks (tho personally I would say tipping), oh and as both of them have boys, coming to cons is a holiday for them - no To-Do lists!

James and Emma's Q&A was fab. James was asked about US politics, and then the same questioner asked Emma 'How did you feel about Anya's bridesmaid dresses?' It was practically a Scarlett Johanson moment! We discovered that Emma feels cheese is a food group, and that she wishes for rain! Everywhere she visits says they have rain and then its endless sun when she gets there! James told her to go to Seattle cos 'those guys need the sun'. There was a heated debate over whether Star Trek Original was better written than TNG. And an absolute doozy of a question about whether it would be best to lose all your memories or never gain new ones.

The vast majority of the questions were brand new to James and Emma, and James actually commented on it in the Closing Ceremony. Which ran late so they showed 'Shelter Me' (and annoyed Spark who had had to leave early). James - 'It's always interesting to walk in to see myself being bludgened to death'. All of the guests gave lovely speeches about how much they had enjoyed it, with James saying these were the best cons he goes to because of the attendees and Sean.

And then it was the closing party. Which I totally opted out of and had Surf and Turf and an ice-cream sundae. Then Erykah, Nicky and I put the world to rights with assorted people :-) We chatted for so long, we were in the Survivors Photo!

And now I am home and wish I took tomorrow off! It's Wenna's wedding on Friday which is exciting and gives me something else to look forward to :-)
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