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Apr. 27th, 2015

angelkitty101: (Me at Bicon)
This weekend was the first in 3 weekends of awesome, Wales Comic Con in Wrexham. I've been going since 2010, and it is quite possibly the best signing con in the UK imo. I was the only one of our merry band not going VIP, so set off to find the end of the Early Bird queue. Instead I found the lovely Shane and joined him :-) which meant chatting and gossip and also cuddles from the lovely Nem who found me on the way to sorting out his cosplay thing.

As usual, entry was smooth and quick. There was a fullsize Chewbacca and a teeny tiny Jawa (cutest thing ever) keeping the queue amused, and then once we got in, there were wristbands and smart marching over to the auto tables to meet up with [livejournal.com profile] jooles34, Sarah and Laura. Nicky came down, got lost, ended up walking up to us and we showed him where to go :-) We were in Eve's queue for ages waiting for her to come down from the green room, and we were in this group of 'Evelets'. There were 2 who seemed to delight in being childish. One was all dismissive of the lovely Nicky, and said 'I tried watching Buffy, I watched 10 mins and it was shit'. I don't think she was quite prepared for the comments from people around her :-)

The other turned out to be 'Piggyback Girl' from Newcastle. She is utterly vile, and seems to believe that being rude is a way to get people to notice her (admittedly it works, but not for the reasons she thinks). She started to say that James is a bastard etc for saying no to her request (newsflash hon, that is NOT how consent works), then she made a comment about how GDL is losing his hair and everyone should tell him. I started to lose my temper then and snapped 'What has that got to do with anything?' She also seemed to be under the impression that John's 'tactile' nature in photo ops would mean that James would be the same way - errr No! She capped it all by breaking the unwritten rule of Torchwood fandom - thou shalt not bash another's ships. Ironically this came after we'd been talking to the other Evelets about how accepting the TW fandom has always been *wry grin*

Jooles and I got bored and too bouncy about Nicky, so we headed into his queue. Nicky was a little more subdued than normal, but I had a lovely chat, thanked him for the wee bit of Spander in the comic and got a lovely hug afterwards. He was tickled by Jooles cosplay and Sarah had one of those wonderful fog moments that happen to the best of us :-) I then went and got Sean Maher's auto (another rare boy), and had an absolutely blissful chat. Then bounced over to fabulous Amy Manson via the lovely Lucy (where I exchanged paper with the Queen's head on it for a copy of her book) :-) I'm beginning to get the hang of this talking to guests mlarky :-)

I did two Q&As, Nicky's and Eve and Naoko's. Nicky's was a lot quieter than normal, he seemed a tad subdued but we still had silliness, rudery, very cute posing for photos, impressions of Joss, 'it was a really big ball of energy man' followed by 'I've never done acid' and a Scooby dance. I then ran over to his photo op and had 2 really good shots (weird fact, I'm always happy with my WCC photos), one of which was another cuddle (yay! Nicky cuddles). Eve and Naoko's Q&A was like a chat with mates (as usual), I really can't wait for MD. They have so much fun and it spills out into the audience. Piggyback Girl tried to assert Barrowman was bi at one point (which had everyone going 'No, he's hella gay'), and then asked a question that managed to offend both Eve and Naoko, namely 'What was the point of Ianto? He didn't do anything'. The intake of breath from the audience was audible and Eve said 'There's your answer' and then they moved on.

Best bits of the Q&A - 'What was the best bit about Countrycide?' Both 'Getting Gareth into jeans'. 'Who would you shag, marry or cliff?' Naoko - 'That's INCEST! Erm....I'd shag Burn. OH GOD! I've just got a visual!' They were UTTERLY fabulous and I love them more than ever. I can't wait until MD, I even feel better about Barrowman!

The aftershow party was ok, but I was really tired. I ended up crashing out at midnight-ish. I woke up briefly when Jooles came home, but was really kiboshed. As usual the Premier Inn was fantastic. I really cannot fault them and when we left I said 'See you next year!'

Now on to the 3 days of work before my long weekend with [livejournal.com profile] random_redhead!!


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